Add a Branch

Add Branch

A company can add any number of branches for them in the ServiceFolder application.  Every branch can have its own

  1. Jobs and work order management,
  2. Users and technicians,
  3. Invoice numbering schemes,
  4. Inventory, Opening stock quantity and balance,
  5. Tax structure

Note: The products will be the same across all branches.

To create a branch, perform the following steps:

1. Choose Settings from the main menu. 

2. Click the Branches link in the left panel. 

The page will display all the branches of the company and a text box to create a new branch. 

3. Enter the branch name in the text box and click Create button to create one. 


Setup the branch by completing the details in the form. 

4. Choose the Currency from the drop-down to open up the entire form. The Address is the only mandatory field.


5. Fill the necessary details and finally, click the Save button to save the branch details.