Add product from Settings menu.

Add Product/Service Category

Product Categories are used to categorize the products and services. Creation of categories, sub-categories, and adding products to categories can be done here. 

To add a new product category, follow the steps below:

Note: Adding a Parent-category and Sub-category can be done using the same form.

1. Click Masters on the main menu. 
2. Choose the Product Category from the drop-down menu.

3. Click the New Product Category button. 

4. To add a parent category, enter the Product Category Name alone, with the parent category drop-down empty. Then, click the Save button. 

Note: Soon after saving the category, products can be added/deleted to it. 

5. To add a sub-category, enter the Product Category Name, and choose the Parent Category name from the drop-down. Then, click on the Save button. 

  1. Update product/service Category
  2. Add Product
  3. Add Service