Add Contracts

Add Contracts

A contract is an agreement made by the company with its customer on service maintenance or to provide a product. A contract can be scheduled on a periodic basis and the technician can be assigned with the job. The scheduled job for the technician will be marked on the team calendar.  
To add a new contract, perform the steps  here: 

1. Click Services in the main menu and choose the Contracts link.


2. Click the Add Contract button to the right of the page.  

3. Enter the necessary details in the form.  


Vist frequency of the contract can be done weekly, twice a month, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, and yearly.  

The contract end-date can also be mentioned. Click "On Date" in the Ends radio button and choose the date from the calendar.  The contract end date can be mentioned later by clicking the "After" radio button.  


The preferred technicians can be chosen from the list of technicians available in the list box. This will assign the technician the job on the date and the time. This is an optional field and can be added later. 


4. Finally, click the Save button to save the contract details.  

Update Contract: 
An important note to be made while editing the contract is, changing the schedule of the job will affect further jobs.