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Add Job Custom Fields

There may be times when you want to quickly view certain information or sort your customer base by different fields. The ability to add custom fields to your Job view is great for when you need a high-level overview of your jobs.

Follow the steps to create customized Job Fields:

1. Click Tools from the main menu and choose Custom fields from the sub-menu.  

2. Choose Custom Fields Manager drop-down item for which the custom fields need to be made. 

3. Choose the Add Custom Field button on the right side of the page. 


To add a Text field, select the UI type as Textbox. Add the corresponding Label and Length for the Textbox. Length field denotes the maximum size you wish the customer to enter in the text. 


To add a Dropdown field, select the UI type as Dropdown. Add the corresponding Label and Values for the dropdown box. In the Values box, add the values one after the other in a new line. 


4. Finally, click Save, to save the custom field details.           

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