Add tax

Add Taxes

You can set up taxes for your different branches. Follow the steps here to create a branch

To add a tax for a particular branch, perform the following steps:

1. Choose the Branch by choosing from the drop-down.

2. Click Masters->Taxes from the main menu. 

3. Choose + New Tax link from the available links. 

4. Add the necessary fields in the form. Name and the Tax rate(%) are the mandatory fields. 

Choose the type of tax from the Type drop-down. It can either be Sales or Purchase.

Choose the category to which the tax belongs, from the list of items in the Category drop-down box. 

Choose the Rounding method from the drop-down list of available items normal rounding, upward rounding, downward rounding

5. Finally, click the Save button to save the details.

  1. Create a Group tax
  2. Create a Dependent Tax