Create a new job or work order

Create a new job or work order

To create a new job, follow the below steps:

1. Click on Field Service Agent to create a new job, track and display appointment.


2. Click on Job to create a new job order.

3. Click on the Customer field labeled Enter a company name or person name

  1. Start typing 2-3 characters to search, then click a desired Customer from the List.

4. Enter the Job Title to write about job.

5. Click on the the Start Date requested to complete the job.

6. Click on the Service Location field. If a service location already exists for this customer, it will automatically populate in this field.

7. There are two ways to enter the Service Location:
  • Begin typing to search, then click a Service Location from the List
  • Click the drop-down arrow on the right side, then select a Service Location
8. Click on the Owner field. Person responsible to oversee the completion of the job is Job Owner.

9. Click on the Add Items to add the items required to do the job. Items are the parts, labor and materials required for this job (optional).

10. Click on the Status to fill the job status.

11. Click Save to save the details.