Create a new sales invoice

Create a new sales invoice

Your steps before attempting to create the first invoice need to be
  1. Create your Customer. Click here for the procedure. 
  1. Configure your products. Click here for the procedure. 
  1. Configure the taxes required for your business. Click here for the procedure. 

To create a sales invoice:

1. Click Sales in the main menu and choose Sales Invoice.

2. Click the + New Sales Invoice from the available links. 

The sales invoice number will be an auto-generated one by default. To manually enter, uncheck the checkbox and add the invoice number in the textbox. 

Enter the name of the existing customer in the customer textbox. Once done the Billing address and the Payment terms will be automatically selected for the customer based on the details entered for the customer.  

Enter the product name, and the unit price will be auto-generated for it.  To add more products, click the Add New Line link. 

Additional charges and discounts for the products can be entered by clicking the Additional Charges link and Discounts link respectively and adding the details of it. 

Add the other details and click the Calc Total link to calculate the grand total of the invoice.  

Necessary files can be attached for the invoice by clicking on the Attach files. The created invoice can be saved as a draft to continue editing later or directly be saved to wait for the receipt. 

Further updations on the created invoice can be performed by clicking on the invoice in the invoice list, make updations, and finally click the Update button.