Importing Leads

Importing Leads

Bulk leads can be added to the ServiceFolder application. To import leads data, there is a pre-defined .CSV file format available, that needs to be used. Follow the instructions below to perform the action.

1. Choose the Leads link in the main menu and click the Import Leads button available to the right of the page.  

2. Click the Download Lead Template link to download the .CSV file. 

There are certain instructions to be followed:
  1. Enter lead data as per the headings.
  2. Use only 200 lead data per .CSV file. For more number of leads, use multiple imports.
  3. Lead names should not be greater than 50 characters.
  4. Do not change the header columns.
3. Click on the Choose file button, to select the updated .CSV file from your computer, that needs to be uploaded.

4. Click the Upload button, to upload the file. 

Once the upload is over, it will be notified as below.

NOTE: If there are any errors during the import, it will be notified to your email id.