Update Bulk Products

Update Bulk Products

Products can be updated individually and in bulk. To update individual products, follow the steps here.

To update products in bulk, perform the following steps:

1. Choose Masters->Product from the main menu.

2. Click Import products from the available links. 


3. Click download products link on the import products page. This will download the available list of products. 


The instructions need to be followed are available in the downloaded .CSV file. 
Few other instructions to be followed are:
  1. Do not change the product id. 
  2. Do not insert new products in this file. To insert new products in bulk, follow the instructions here.  
  3. Strictly should not modify the template content. 
  4. The product name should not be more than 50 characters.  
  5. If the category, group, units of measure, tax, warehouse, sales ledger, purchase ledger is not available in the application, add that first in the application, and then add product for those items.

4. Click on the choose file button, to select the updated .CSV file from your computer, that needs to be uploaded.


5. Click the Upload button, to upload the file.