Creating a new job - How to add a new job | ServiceFolder

Creating a new job

To add a new job, perform the following steps:

1. Click Service from the main menu, and choose the jobs link. By default, the page will display all the jobs for the branch.

2. On the Job Lists Page, click the + New Job button on the right.

3. Fill the necessary details in the form.

Additional custom fields can be added to the form to make it convenient for your business. Know how to add custom fields to the form. 

If the required Status and Job types are not found in the drop-down, you can add them in the Custom fields Manager

Adding the Appointment details for the job can be made even after adding the job. The technician's name, date, and time to visit, a reminder of the job to the technician email, and mobile can be done here. 

Click the + Add Item button to add the Items needed for the technician to complete the job. This is an optional field.  

Add the Item details in the form and click the save button to save the details.  


Any number of items can be added to the form that is needed to complete the job.


Assets are the products owned by the customer.
Click on the + Add Asset button, to choose the customer's assets that need to be serviced in this job. This is an optional field. 

The Assets that the customer has will be available in the drop-down. Choose the asset and click the save button to save the details. If the required Asset is not found, you can add it. Know how to Create the asset for a customer.  

Any necessary documents or photos can be added after saving the job. 
4. Finally, click the Save button to save the job details. 

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